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    You are right, Might has right and cost MONEY !!.

    Camaster Cobras will do the job, mine has since 2008 and my current 5 x 8 cuts 30-50 sheets a day (Shelf holes, dados, cutouts chip free)

    yes it takes maybe 2- 4 minutes a sheet more than 100k machines, is quality less -No- do i compete against those who have those machines -Yes-

    feel free to visit if you like, we have 6-9 guys depending on helpers, 21000 sq feet and stretch at times with 4-5 medical jobs (100-150 boxes each) so 2 shifts are required for cutting one guy should run machine and be reasonably near (SAFETY) when operating,,,, For us he may be edge banding parts while machine is cutting, and a helper or other (depending on how egotistical the guy is) to help load off load.

    We use Bakers scaffolds (Northern, harbor freight 149.$ ea) we add a shelf and make dividers for parts batching off machine per job.

    You are about to increase efficiency, you can increase volume, you will so far superior radius and complex work, you will add features that can set you apart from others,, Market that right and you will not regret a CAMaster

    Ohhh CAMaster,, always go see machines and meet owners who do what you do

    always look at training and support,, NO AND I MEAN NO machine or software company has the entire time you will personally need to cross the learning curve. I saw this in my cnc search in 07 and having had complex software since 97 there is NO way i could have done this with out help and i could not afford (We were 4 guys doing Kitchens then) to pay technicians buy the hour or day for one on one.

    This Forum was modeled from all of the Competitions problems, I know I was in on it. I tried to build a great access by teaching teachers and Now they are all here.

    The slogan here for many years has always been "When We elevate others, We elevate ourselves"

    I am working this Saturday, (Got a 20 unit restaurant order yesterday) feel free to call the number on my contact website has it and my email. I will turn on the cameras for you. !!

    Check out my website and FB page for the work, (Click on the photos) CAMaster did me solid so I do solid for them.
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    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

    fixed 4-27-2020
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    I was involved in a software discussion on a closed industry forum and a required response i posted fit well here. it tells part of my CAMaster story

    NOTE: Salesmen please do not contact me i will contact you. I may come to Vegas this year to purchase but do not have time for shop visits or phone calls at present.

    That said with the recent departure of Cabnetware that i have used since 1997 and our upgrades in machining being implemented, I have been on the hunt to upgrade software. I outsource my larger jobs drawings and draw smaller casework jobs myself. up til now we have been using a box input program (but really good) cabinet to nest type program and I cam all parts for custom work with Aspire. With growth i can see i will need to uptick a bit

    I have looked at looked at using CV, i have their design drafter and have yet to switch from CW, in looking for others i am reminded of the criteria that helped grow into CNC in 2007/08, That move has not only helped us survive the recession but thrive in the recovery. i have every reason short of a nuclear blast to believe We are in for some growth and steady business.

    Prior to CNC i was crawling around on the floor laying out radius desk with plywood arms , routers and chalk, I had sworn i would never go with CNC up to that point. I was wrong, what i found when i started searching was a lot of Voodoo speaking salesmen who wanted my money quick and fell way short after delivery. it appeared at the time there was sales and there was tech support often those guys did not even know each other... it was a visit to see a CNC machine in a small shop that convinced me of my path and why. The shop i went to see was in the upstate of South Carolina, A Father and Son team who would not have been the normal model for a shop using CNC. Mind you they were not fools yet just a shop at that time which did not seem at the outset to be one who would be as automated as they were, What captured my attention was the relationship they had with the CNC company and the software guys, they had two software's and were happy with both to some degree. You see up to that point most all salesmen i had met were constantly trying to prove to me how smart they were and that this was the criteria for hiring them, what i noticed about the shop in SC was the salesmen were showing these guys how smart they were and had worked to pull this out for them, elevate them and make them successful. that meeting helped me get behind the CNC company in a big way, that company is now much larger than it was but that is another story.

    I want to look at the software's mentioned and intend to. I sure hope the mentality of the mid 2000's when software sales was treated by salesmen much like heath insurance was has changed. I am looking for a high road company one who really wants my success as the model for theirs.

    James McGrew
    Columbia SC
    803 933 9988
    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

    fixed 4-27-2020