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  • New BobART Software

    The New BobART Software is out!

    BobART Pro Features:

    2-Rail Sweep Feature

    Create embossed models by sweeping one or more cross sections along two rails.

    Sculpting Feature

    Modify an embossed model in three different ways. You can deposit, remove, or smooth the material of the model using the mouse (brush).

    Smoothing Feature

    Smooth the material for an entire embossed model, without the need for a mouse (brush). You can smooth the whole model, or you can select geometry as a boundary to contain the smoothing to that area.

    Material/Texture Selection

    You can now add a material or texture appearance to an embossed model, which can be merged with a color. Bitmap images (.bmp) can be added to the BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V24\Images folder for additional material textures.

    Load Vector Images

    Vector files can be opened from the BobART Manager tree item. This opens files using .ai, .eps, and .pdf file extensions.
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    Al DePoalo
    Partner Products Manager
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