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  • BobCAD-CAM V26 Post Processors

    Guys and Gals....
    BobCAD-CAM V26 users have the ability to download post processors for CAMaster machines on the BobCAD-CAM postP download web page.

    Go to: and select the proper postP for your machine. Select options from the lists as per the picture below, then select the post(s) that are appropriate for your machines.

    There will be 3 options:

    1) CAMaster_Single_Tool_OEM for non ATC/FTC use

    2) CAMaster_Toolchange_OEM for ATC/FTC use

    3) CAMaster_X3_OEM for X-3 use only

    The posts for 4th axis milling, which is one of the major strong points of BobCAD are coming in the future
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