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    All to often New CNC Owners think a PP is a responsibility of the machine company,, The actual answer is the Software company bears this responsibility as without a cohesive operation they could not sell software to the masses with hundreds of different machines and control systems

    Wincnc has always been a very stable Providor and does not beta teast on the end user, as well the software is Very friendly to software companies
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      Originally posted by nhfoley View Post
      Slept on it and realized there was no scenario in which I wanted to keep the old drilling retract behavior in the other drilling cycle types, so went through and updated all of the other drilling profiles to have the correct / safe retract plane. Deep drilling / counterboring / etc. should all now work safely vs. the Autodesk stock post.
      Thank you very much for sharing your revised PP. I'm going to start trying to use the Fusion 360 cam functions in the next few weeks and I'm sure you just saved me a bunch of headaches!
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        Sorry for digging this topic back up again, new to this forum... I too am having issues with Fusion 360 PP and my machine. Is there anybody on here who has expirence with modifying the .CPS file or the .INI files? I was using Bobcam to export code to run in this machine without too much issues, but I know how to edit the code by hand to get everything to flow properly. Now I need to get the fusion 360 PP to work 100% correct with my machine as I am handing off the CAM (in fusion 360) to another employee who does not have much expirence with editing code. My first issue is that our Stinger I SR-24 and fusion 360 don't agree on how to start up the spindle. What the PP does now that I have edited it, is put the M03 S(rpms) on the same line. What I need is for it to be M03; (end of line) then S(commanded rpms); (End of line). Unless I can edit the .INI file to accept the start up code on one line. Any help would be appreciated.

        Here is what I have done with the .CPS file

        CPS File Edit.png

        This is my current .INI file for spindle. Could be that this needs to be edited to recieve M-code and S-code on the same line in G-code
        INI file edit.png