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  • How to download wincnc

    Long story short. Computer went to crap and I had to erase and format. How do I download the software and hardware to get my stinger back up and running?
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    Call support.
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      Yes, you need to speak with Camaster support. While you can download the generic WinCNC from the WinCNC site, it's not setup for your Camaster machine. There's a lot of customization required to account for the specific configuration of any given CNC machine and without a backup (which you really, really, really need to keep...) you will not have any of the configuration files, etc., that your Camaster machine needs to operate properly. This isn't a Camaster's a WinCNC (or any other controller) thing.
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        Gladius, not good. May I suggest that when you get it up and running correctly that you backup the hard drive to a clean new hard drive and store it somewhere safe for just such an emergency. The recommendation to call support is your best and probably only option at this point.
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          Thank you, they remotes in and added the files. Took about 3 min.