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WINCNC Initilization Issue

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  • WINCNC Initilization Issue

    First up, I am a newbie, three weeks in. I am experiencing a Y axis deviation of .01/inch per inch. Other words, in a six inch project, I have a .06 inch deviation on the second tool path. Running a test by carving two circles in two different tool paths with a .25/inch offset, the offset was off by .06/inch with a six inch circle. I discovered (with some help) that if I re-initialized after each toolpath, this virtually eliminated the problem. I do have a tech support appointment in two weeks (out of country), however I have to believe I am not the only individual to experience this issue. Any ideas? There has been no dust collection connected, no static detected. Machine is solid, checked all gearing and wiring.

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    Reducing Static from Dust Collection - CAMheads CNC Router Forum By: CAMaster CNC
    Gary Campbell
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      Thanks Gary for the reference. I did not have dust collection hooked up on my text, however, a great reminder for me to ground my system before attaching the cnc to it.