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Another Good Vectric VCarve and Aspire Online Training Resource

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  • Another Good Vectric VCarve and Aspire Online Training Resource

    First, I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated in any way with this website or the instructor who presents this training.
    Many of the folks on this site may already know about this resource but I just stumbled onto it so I figured I would start a thread here.
    I've been using Vectric VCarve Pro for about 4 years but as we all know, this software is feature-rich so I'm always interested in learning how to improve my design and toolpath generation skills.

    The Youtube channel below has a ton of very useful tips and tricks videos.
    The instructor is very knowledgable, the pacing is good, and the production quality is good.

    This site also offers online training classes - a lot of them. It even appears to offer group training and 1:1 training also.
    I have not taken any of these courses so I can't comment on the quality but if they are similar to the tips and tricks videos they should be worthwhile.
    See the Learn Your CNC Academy site and the list of classes here:

    There is also a free trial available for a 7-day Vectric Bootcamp training class.
    Anyway, hopefully you'll find something useful like I did if you check out some of these videos.
    If anyone does take the training classes please post your experience and let us know how you liked it.
    2021 Stinger I SR-24, 1kW Spindle
    Performance Pkg w/Gantry Lift, FTC
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    Thanks Pete, I just subscribed to the YouTube channel.
    Lester Sak
    2021 Stinger I SR-24, 1.7kw Spindle
    FTC, Laser, Counter Balance, Gantry Lift, T-slots
    VCarve Pro 10.5 & WinCNC


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      I've been taking the classes (self-paced) for several months now and I must say that even after using Vectric software since the beginning, I'm learning a great deal...great program.
      Stinger 1
      1KW Spindle
      Performance Option
      Aspire 11