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  • WINCNC INI file?

    When we are running a job we design in Fusion 360 and send to our Stinger 1, it has a part of the file that is extremely slow going around a curved section to be cut out. Lots of back and forth moves of G1, G2 File should cut faster than that. the whole file takes 2:23 to run. About 1:20 of that is cutting two arc areas out.
    When looking at my WINCNC INI file it has a section called AUTOARC F20 on it.
    The file was programed to run at 145 ipm. Cutting 0.080" boltaron plastic. Anybody have an idea how to adjust or fix this. DJ from Tech support is involved at this point. I sent then some video of the section of code going across the screen while running.

    Todd May
    MK-Tek Holsters
    Stinger 1
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    I don't know much about F360 but you may want to carefully examine that curve to see how it's modeled.
    Maybe in F360 model the curve using a Bezier or spline curve if it's not modeled that way already.
    You could also try exporting it as an DXF or DWG file and then importing it into VCarve.
    Then create a toolpath in VCarve to see how it compares (check the GCode).
    Good luck.
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      Seems the answer was to upgrade the WINCNC software. What used to take 2:23 to run now takes 1:10
      Todd May
      MK-Tek Holsters
      Stinger 1