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cabinetparts pro dxf to vcarve pro fault

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  • cabinetparts pro dxf to vcarve pro fault

    I have some files that were the dxf output files from cabinet parts pro that when I opened them and saved them as vcarve files the the sheet (48x96) home is not at 0",0". I checked the sheet size in vcarve job set up and it shows to be good, but the actual file is off by .285. In the crappy picture, you can't see the line but I did measure it. I had 10 other files with no problem. The one thing I noticed is the guide lines would not snap to the vectors either. What am I missing?
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    Brian O

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    Hmmm...not an expert on this kind of transfer, but given it's "this one" design, is there an artifact in that lower left corner (0-0) that transferred in the design that's pushing all the components out? Have you tried doing the transfer again into a different file and then importing that?
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