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Z axis motor failed

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  • Z axis motor failed

    Howdy fellow Camheads.
    I was working along Saturday, minding my own business, when I started getting z axis errors. The spindle would raise a few inches, then stop and throw the code.
    After several attempts to figure it out, I decided to move on and just replace the motor.
    I keep spares of almost every item so I am not down, waiting on parts.
    From start to finish, it took about 10 minutes until I was cutting again.
    I love how simple these machines are.
    I love my Camaster.

    That is all.

    Doug S
    Existing:-2014 Cobra 5x10 ATC w/ 10 hp spindle, Mozaik, 25 hp Becker High Vacuum Pump, 5 HP Oneida DC-Central Texas
    New:-2014 Cobra 5x12 ATC w/ 10 hp spindle, pop up pins, phenolic top, lathe, vacuum relief valve, mister system, 25 HP Blower.
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    I went with Camaster in 2007 for this reason, i did not want a machine which i would never learn or be able to fix and repair myself. most every part is available with no Propietary issues.
    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

    fixed 4-27-2020