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Flat Machined Void-Less Dovetails and Finger Joints

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  • Flat Machined Void-Less Dovetails and Finger Joints

    frequent lurker here but not contributor for a long time (I have have a homemade CNC machine).

    But I thought it might be useful to post information about my latest freeware project that could be useful for CAMaster owners. It is a pretty complex app that makes tool paths for flat machined, void-free
    dovetail and finger joints (without any special jigs). These joints can be half-blind, pocketed, with inlays and do allow for compound angles. That means for boxes with 3 to 8 sides and tilted side boards (within reason...). The software is fully parametric and does not require separate CAD or CAM software. The machining results can be simulated in e.g. CAMotion or (partly) with Vectric software.
    Important to mention: This is not a tool for large volume production like drawers for cabinet projects. The joints are essentially 3D carved (although with optimized tool paths) and that takes its time. But for small volume or one-off projects, this will be a small part of the project time.

    This piece of freeware is now available at
    (together with several other pieces of freeware and some possibly interesting CNC projects.

    For any questions, please don't write to the owner of this web site. Joe Federer is generously hosting my files but please ask anything writing to me: {puzzlejoint} [at] (outlook) |dot| \com\

    I have posted some of my related projects on the Vectric forum where I am more active:

    But obviously I can not promote my own software too much on that forum, even if it is freeware.

    Some pictures and a video of previous experiments are here (disregard the note at the end of the video that the software is not yet available. Actually, it is!):

    As a teaser, some pictures below...

    8BoardsReadyForAssy.jpg 1-FinishedBoxFront.jpg BoxComplete.jpg InlayStripGluedAndMachined.jpg JointComplete.jpg
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    That's pretty clever. And gorgeous work!
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      In case somebody has already downloaded the software from the link in the original post, there is a new version (1.03) available with a few minor bug fixes, improved user guide and additional features (see revision history).
      If somebody is going to give it a try, please give me feedback of any kind.


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        I'm still waiting for the delivery of my machine, but I will definitely be trying out what you've created when I get it! Your results look great and I really appreciate the effort you've put into such a tool and making it publicly available. Again, much thanks!
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