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    I'm looking at MDF door producing software. I've compared about all I can find online. Cim-Tec, MDF Door CAD (Router Cad), KCD doors, Doormaster (Cabmaster), as well as Mozaik. Each have pros and cons, of course, but the Mozaik seems to be the most accessible and with a forum presence unlike the others.
    I'm used to processing parts through Biesseworks - a CAD based program that allows parametric formulas to draw lines and arcs with tooling attached. I'm selling my Biesse and buying a Camaster. The way things are done now is different from 12 years ago.
    Even though we have developed our own library of door styles, we pride ourselves with the ability to match customer supplied existing door designs where only a few doors are needed from a remodel or repair job.
    With that said, I can see where Mozaik will let us do pretty much everything we need using the parametric features. However, there is one formula I can't seem to find (at least on the videos allowed to view outside of rental), that is, a formula for creating a number of lines (grooves) along the width of door.
    I'm thinking of a bead board panel type groove (1/8 ball mill) to produce grooves in the recess of a shaker door. I know that Mozaik will let me formulate groove length and location, but will it allow me to formulate how many lines, and a spacing pattern, to produce based on door width?
    Biesseworks allows me to create the line (toolpath) and not only formulate the length and location but how many lines are created and at what intervals to center them in the panel and not exceed a boundary area.
    Thanks for any replies.
    Tracy Yarborough
    Maple River Woodworks
    "Built like it ought to be"
    Past CMA President
    Currently running Biesse CNC, but that may be changing....