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x3 and mozaik issues

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  • x3 and mozaik issues

    x3 and Mozaik question
    I did a trial run of my mozaik cnc test cut program.
    The x3 has the 5 mm drill in head 2. I ran the program several times and what happens is that router 2 starts up and starts to go down but then abruptly goes up and shuts off. The main spindle starts up with the 3/8 bit and starts running the 5 mm drill program. it then stops and asks for a tool change to run the 3 /8 bit. The 5mm is supposed to go first to drill the holes.
    The mozaik program post is set for atc so im kinda at a loss. I would question that its not but the right tool starts up and then pulls back.
    Anyone have a similar issue?
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    May be a PP issue but fixable. I can try and help call me later today. I use Moziak with an ATC. have you set up tools in moziak as to assignments
    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

    fixed 4-27-2020


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      Hey James
      i set up a 3 tool cabinet set.
      5mm drill, 3/8 compression and a fly cutter.
      I have a meeting with mozaik this morning and hopefully get it straightened out.
      If not I will contact you .


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        Ok got it figured out but after the drill does its part the cnc has to measure the spindle tool before starting even though its already measured. Mozaik says its a camaster issue.
        this is going to slow the process way down. I hope camaster has a fix for it.
        Do they only have 1 tech? Waiting more than a day for tech support is not good for production, maybe hobby guy but not production.