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Multiple roughing passes

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  • Multiple roughing passes

    Happy Saturday all!

    question on rough passes on aspire.

    Say I’m carving out a 3d model, and I’d like the fastest possible run time.

    can I have one rough pass with a 1/2” end mill,
    And one roughing pass with a 1/4”?

    does the program automatically know to only mill out the areas the 1/2” couldn’t reach? When I run simulate (after simulating the 1/2” first), it appears like the 1/4” is roughing the entire stock like the 1/2” toolpath doesn’t exist, even when both of them have been calculated and the order of the tools lathes is 1/2” then 1/4” then 1/32” tapered ball. I’m hoping this makes sense. In a perfect world, I want to the 1/2” to take the bulk of the roughing, then the 1/4” to take the smaller areas before I use the tapered ball as a finishing. Trying to cut down a my finishing pass time.

    thank you!
    vectric aspire 8.5
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    You're talking about REST (REmaining STock) machining. You can't do that easily with 3D roughing. Version 11 allows REST machining with the 3D finish toolpath, although I've already opened a bug on that. Generally, I find the load on a tapered ballnose isn't that great, and may skip the roughing toolpath altogether. The first finish cut is the hardest, with full material contact at depth. The rest tend to be taking so little material off at a time, there's not much force on the bit.
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      My first cut is to use an center spiral tool path. Virtually no load on finish bit. I have not used a roughing path in a good 5 years
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        Do you guys slow down the speed for that initial plunge? Got an amana bit 1/4” shank 1/32” tapered ball wondering if the initial plunge of about 3/4” would break it


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          If you plunge a 1/32" TBN 3/4" on the first pass it's just about guaranteed you will break that bit at any speed. I would use a V11 3D finish toolpath with a clearance bit. That is what it's designed to do.
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            I guess what you could do is put a circle at the center of the starting positing slightly over 1/4", and then do a roughing pass constraining to the vector using a 1/4" bit.
            2018 Stinger II SR-44, 1.7kW Spindle, Performance Premium, Recoil, Gantry Lift, Cyclone
            Fusion 360