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  • moulding help needed

    Hi, I am new here and fairly new to cnc in general, I have been using v carve pro for the last year and it’s been great.
    Either me or v carve pro has run out of talent and I am guessing it will be me.
    I have been using the moulding tool which has been great, however I have come up against something that has stopped me in my tracks.
    I will attach a picture of what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to create a reversed carbon copy of the lump you see In the middle of the photo. I have been doing similar using the moulding tool but as you can see this ‘lump’ shall we call it, tappers off aswell as changes gradient at the ends.
    the middle section I am okay with however I am wanting to know if there is a tooo to allowing me to achieve this? And to follow the contours of this piece?

    thanks in advance
    adam ????
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    Provide a cut profile of the center in the long and it could be done witha sweep in aspire But you cannot model in Vcp
    James McGrew
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      As long as the "ends" can have the same contour as the sides for the slope, you have to be creative with making your rail. Draw the shape as a closed vector for the entire shape until you get it right and then using Node Edit mode, make a break in the vector so it's no longer closed. I'd to that on the straight side. Then extend one end of the open vector slightly so there's a small overlap. Create your contour vector for "half" of the shape...edge to center line. Proceed normally with workout out the direction, etc.
      Jim Becker

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