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    I am prepping for when my CNC with the recoil lathe will arrive soon and realized I have no idea what kind of feed/rpm/plunge rate or cutting parameters to set for the rotary attachment. If you guys can share some of your settings. I be getting a Stinger II with a 5HP Spindle. For example what settings to use when doing a rounding tool path with a 1/4 or 3/8 endmill. Thank you in advance!
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    I cannot tell you the numbers for your situation, but keep in mind that primarily, the Recoil is cutting in the same way it does on the flat bed, back and forth on the Y axis and varying height (Z axis) as it moves back and forth. The Recoil is an ornamental lathe and very different from a "regular" lathe that spins the wood around its center axis. You can (sorta) do that with the Recoil, but it's not really how things normally work. You'll be creating "wraps" within the Vectric software to transfer the three dimensional contour of what you want to do onto a "virtual cylinder" represented by the piece of material that's mounted on the Recoil. What you create may not even be "round". Speeds/Feeds will not be all that dissimilar to flat cutting, honestly.
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      actually if cut to fast on rotary can overpower the stepper. i cut at 500 or so with .5 bit just fine on the bed but with the rotary was causing the stepper to slip..... slowed down to 300 and no problem. this was in the turning square stock round mode.....
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