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    Being dragged (kicking and screaming) into the digital realm.
    Jim Meadows
    Jim Meadows
    Stinger III SR-48
    WinCNC Aspire 8.5 Corel Draw X7
    Photo V-Carve
    Hurricane Vac Epilog Helix

    A woman drove me to drink...
    and I didn't even have the courtesy to thank her
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    Copy it live to the signature line !! this can be a lot more powerful than one thinks, like having a sales tool portfolio on demand and world wide
    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

    fixed 4-27-2020


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      Jim, you won't regret it Since I ditched my "real " website for a Facebook business page, I'm getting a lot more work from beyond my local area. And, if they "like" my page, they see everything I post, & I'm fresh in their minds when they need a wedding or anniversary gift.

      Your stuff will do much better than mine does on-line, seriously, because no everyone is prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on one gift.

      I've had my business page now for 3 years. If you were to ask for "advice" , I'd say try to post something new every 7 to10 days, so people neither forget about you nor get sick of seeing your posts.

      The good thing about FB is your customers can comment on your product & their "buying" experience. The bad thing about FB is your customers can comment on their "buying" experience. Keep that in mind .........

      It's also wise to keep your political leanings to yourself. I see so many people bashing ( in no particular order) Trump, Hillary, Barack, Trudeau, Wynne, Notley, the NRA, NAFTA, Brexit, etc... and I wonder "don't they realize that they're alienating about half of their potential customers?"

      Once you hit 30 page "likes", you'll start getting "analytics". This is good because you'll see from where your page is being seen, & the demographic that's seeing it. So, come on, everyone, & like Jim's page .... even if you're not that interested, because it will get him off to a good start, & you can always unlike it after.

      I have one piece of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about what I've seen on your page, but this thread is not the place. PM me if you'd like . It's something to keep in mind when designing..
      CAMaster MC4836 named Jemima
      Aspire 3.5