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    I retired a few years ago and spent the better part of the Covid pandemic building a new shop for woodworking...Always loved it and have done it since high school. I caught the CNC bug after reading/ looking at everything that could be done with it (and then some!)

    Took delivery of my first CNC in mid-May and, owing to life getting in the way, am just now starting to use the new machine. I bought my 'last machine first' and got a Panther with the tool changer and side lathe. Am beginning to understand WinCNC a bit at the moment and am going slow so I don't do something stupid right off the bat! I appreciate that this forum exists and for folks sharing their 'good/bad/other' experiences...always better when you can pick up tips from someone else's successes and mistakes to avoid making any more of your own than you have to!

    Looking forward to working with you all!

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    Good Chatting with you and Welcome aboard ! Call me this weekend about the spoil board and ask these guys, I have only had one machine with a Phenolic Spoil board Mine have all been HDF plenums and we glue our spoil boards down
    James McGrew
    CAMaster ATC 508
    The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

    Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

    fixed 4-27-2020


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      Welcome to the fun!!
      Wow, your shop looks like I could live there.
      Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. That is a great way to learn. Just always have your hand on the space bar when starting a cut.
      Charlie L
      Stinger II, 48 by 48, 1.7 kW Spindle, FTC + Laser + Recoil + Vacuum, July 2012
      WinCNC 2.5.03, Aspire, PhotoVCarve, Windows 7 Pro SP1


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        James, Charlie, Thanks for the words of encouragement! Will stay in touch and check in on the spoilboard. I've got a one-hour virtual session with Camaster (came with the purchase) next Wednesday. Will be focusing on lots of questions about 'how-to" with WinCNC.


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          Welcome to Camheads and the "Yellow machine appreciation guild". :) :D

          You chose a really great CNC machine and that shop looks awesome, too. Congrats all around!
          Jim Becker

          SR-44 (2018), 1.7kw spindle, Performance Premium, USB, Keypad, T-Slot table (y-axis configuration), WinCNC, VCarve Pro upgraded to Aspire

          Non CNC stuff...

          Festool "a good collection"
          Stubby - lathe
          Oneida Cyclone

          Retired from full time work in the telecom industry 9/2017
          Occasional commission work for others, but mostly for trunks/signage/guitars
          Located Bucks County PA


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            Welcome aboard!
            Dang, a fancy new Panther for a fancy new shop...what a combo. Cant wait to see what comes out of there.
            Joe Garber
            Retired, Hobbyist
            Stinger 1 SR24
            Laser Pointer
            HSD 1.7kw Spindle
            Indexing Lathe
            WinCNC, Aspire 10.5, PhotoCarve
            Storm Vacuum

            How to count to 10 in Windows:


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              well buying my third cnc third coast me probaly over 10 g. but in week orvso will have preatty much carbon coby of your cnc... looks like ya parked it in nice shop.
              panther 508 on order


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                Great machine and a great looking shop. I have a 5x10 Panther with ATC but no lathe. Let me know if you have any questions. It appears that your plenum is painted MDF and not phenolic, but it may be the way the light is in the picture.
                Elite CNC Routing & Woodworks on Facebook
                Steel 5X10 Panther
                5Hp ATC spindle with 8 tool carousel
                VcarvePro 9.5
                15Hp FPZ vacuum, phenolic plenum