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New to me stinger 3 owner.

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  • New to me stinger 3 owner.

    Hello everyone, recently purchased a used stinger 3.
    I have been running a axiom for some time and decided to go a little bigger, found a machine and went and looked and made sure everything moved and did as it should so to speak..
    Well I finally finished putting everything together today on the camaster and I get the "abort reset e switch" whenever I try to do anything.
    The drivers all are showing power with the green led indicators.
    Limit switches look good, plugged the port into the bottom connector on the back of the wincnc computer.
    Now here is where it gets weirder for me, if I power the PC down and leave the power switch in the on position the y axis starts to move real slow and doesn't sound the healthiest, power the PC up and no movement just the reset e switch in red on the control panel.
    I went no further and started searching ole Google and come across this forum so where better to ask than here I thought..
    Any insights, pointers to get the CNC moving in the right direction. Much appreciated and look forward to hopefully learning more.
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      Have you done any troubleshooting of the emergency stop switch? Is it still connected? Is it pushed in slightly? From the WinCNC View menu can you see the input from the switch change when you push the emergency button?
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        You should be plugged into the blue connector on the back of the pc. It doesn't matter if it's top or bottom.
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          It seems like you're encountering some technical challenges with your new Stinger 3 CNC machine. Have you tried checking the connections and configurations to ensure everything is set up correctly? It might also be helpful to reach out to Camaster support for further assistance. Good luck getting your machine up and running smoothly!