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  • XY home position

    I'm attempting to cut a new vacuum grid on my Cobra 510. The Y axis is approximately 1" from the end of the table. How do I move the Y axis to the edge of the table?
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    Wincnc machine? Make sure you don't have any green boxes by the dro's (offset stored) G92 would clear those. Then if you initialize it and doesn't land where you want, you can change the G28 settings in the Ini file. If you have free support, give them a call. If you do it yourself, make a copy of the file before messing with it. Also having a full saved copy of your wincnc folder is a great idea in case you have a failure of the pc.
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      Thanks for the info. Much appreciated


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        I had a similar question awhile back. You might find some info here:
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