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    Third Grandchild needed their own shelves so now I have built three of these. For some details about construction post 38 in has more information.

    Each time I have done it slightly different. Always making improvements in methods and usually results too.

    Basically, there will be six layers of ply. Be sure at least two are a single piece. The others can be butt jointed as needed to maximize use of plywood.

    Three locating holes are used to increment material on my 4 by 4 table and when gluing.

    Cut first set of layer material slightly oversized. Then, glue three together resulting in two three layer trees. Put back on table and cut a second time slightly smaller to clean up.

    Glue these two thick sections together.

    Using trim router bit clean up overlap if you gluing isn't perfect, like mine.
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    Charlie L
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    Arent you just the font of inspiration today. Excellent job!
    Joe Garber
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      Like the bookshelf, like that last line as well.....:)

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