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    WOW! very impressive! I work with Okuma and Mazak in the orthopedic industry. Both have optical tool length capabilities but putting this technology on a router is amazing!
    Tracy Brookins

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    Brandon Mississippi


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      Very slick, Mr Campbell....and the cool factor is off the charts!
      Joe Garber
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        Hopefully this does a better job at calibrating the length of an O Flute bit than the puck on my ATC! Especially if it captures it while its spinning. I used to sell Baumer items along with some Balluff and Omron sensors. They have some pretty cool stuff out there.
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          This is very cool. I would be very interested in something like this. Any chance it will work with the X3 if fully developed and sold?
          Mark Maslonkowski
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            I don't see why it couldn't work. That said, the X-3 uses an odd system, different from all the other machines, single and ATC. Someone would need to rewrite most of the macros. This could far exceed the value of the product.
            Gary Campbell
            Servo Control Upgrades

            "There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary logic, and those who don't"


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              I had one of the first X3 machines,, while it is multiple tools it functions differently than an ATC. and x3 depends on one z setting with each tool and off set of that. an ATC literally changes each tool with one Z Spindle.

              Each on would benefit in some way but i can see Garys tool as more beneficial to an ATC in setting all tools accurately.

              Mine uses the set pad for fifteen tools and is accurate
              James McGrew
              CAMaster ATC 508
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                Thanks for all the comments guys. I appreciate! It's been a fun project.

                In response to a number of emails, I will not be selling this as a CNC accessory, but will instead use them as a tool measure device on my "Ultimate Woodworking Machine" routers and as a tool measure and digitizing "probe" on my SideWinder CNC wood lathes.
                Gary Campbell
                Servo Control Upgrades

                "There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary logic, and those who don't"