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  • Cut Job!!!

    I have a guy in Alabama that is behind the 8 ball. He needs to have some crosses cut out of pine.

    He needs 3000-5000 cut asap. And more to come.

    He is wanting to buy a Cobra but needs to get this going now. If you would like to talk to him please email me @ joeyjarrard@gmail dot com

    I put my email this way so the spam bots will not hit me up fro the little blue pills.

    Pic attached. 2" thick pine about 9-10" tall. He can over night one to you for you to make a file from. They have to stand up on their own. He will paint.

    Let me know.
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    Joey Jarrard

    US Router Tools
    888-720-TOOL (8665)
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    Where in Alabama? Wish I had a big machine to help him out. Send him a Cobra 5x10.
    David Warkentin

    Panther 4x8
    Laser cross hairs

    Stinger I

    What a load of fun!!!


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      I'm Suspicious

      Joey, have you actually met this fellow?

      This has similarities to a Nigerian scam ..... emails that are being sent to sign shops where some minister asks for a quote on say 500 banners, 3' x 6', usually saying something like "Help the Children". If your quote is accepted, they prepay with a cheque, including the shipping but you have to pay the freight company.
      You make the stuff, the freight company never shows, their cheque comes back NSF & you're out the $$$ you paid to their "freight forwarder".

      I'm not saying this is the case here, but I get about 4 or 5 of these "offers" every year . They look too good to be true ........ a simple job, large quantity, payment in advance, & signed by "Reverend" xxxxxxxxx .

      You can see the similarities......
      It seems like very odd specs to me. 2" pine, dressed, is generally not readily available. It would need to be sawn 2.25" thick to dress out to 2" & that would be a special order almost anywhere.
      CAMaster MC4836 named Jemima
      Aspire 3.5