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    I was thinking about upgrading to an ATC machine but I have a question. Most of my jobs are done on phenolic coated plywood and require a good bit of engraving using a carving liner bit cutting .014 deep. The material thickness varies sometimes as much as .01 from place to place on the board. This requires me to manually set Z at all locations for engraving. With ATC can you manually set Z to compensate for thickness variations? I do use 3 other bits as well as a collet change per job. So far I have made about 150 of these jobs this year, they are my bread and butter.
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    Yes you can, but it kind of takes away from the advantage of having atc
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      With ATC can you manually set Z to compensate for thickness variations?

      Yes, I am assuming you reset Z for each part, cut a part move rest z cut part ect? You can set a temp z "green box" and your other tools will use the same temp z setting.
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        Yes, setting a local Z0 on an ATC is the same as setting the Z0 for a single tool machine. The difference is that all the tools in your tool changer will be automatically set to that same local Z0. So you can set the Z0 on one area of your sheet and cut away with as many tool changes as you like, and each tool will automatically cut at the correct Z0 you set with the first tool. Then move to another area of the sheet and set a new local Z0 and do the same.

        Once you have used an ATC, you will NEVER want to manually change tools again.
        Russell Crawford
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