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    I also struggle with Greasing my Stinger 1. I wipe off old grease, stick that tiny little needle pointer fitting into the fitting on the machine and start to pump. Then a lot of pressure while pumping. Feels like no grease is getting pushed into the fittings. Take the needle off and squeeze the grease gun pump, fine grease flows in a very thin stream. Put the needle back on and it takes the strength of a very strong hand to squeeze the pump. Any ideas?
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      Try a different grease gun?
      Not all are created equal but almost all of them suck.
      There was a thread on here about grease guns but you can try google to find a less crappy one.
      BTW, I use Amsoil synthetic NLGI #1 grease on my Stinger1.
      Good luck.
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        I use the Lock and Lube grease gun and can lube all fittings on my machine except the ball screw. Some if the fittings are a little tight to get to though.
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