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need new dust shoe.

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  • need new dust shoe.

    Wondering where the best place to purchase a dust shoe for a stinger II. The plastic on mine is broken and needs to be replaced. Any suggestions? The machine has been setting idle for sometime. I am just starting to get back to it. TIA for any suggestions.
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    Many of us use the Kent dust shoe on our machines and it works very well. Check his website
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      We have the Kent on our SR44 at school. It works well and is easy to use.

      I have the Keith Moreland One Guy In A Shop on my machine at home. It works better than any dust boot I've ever used. It's 3D printed and has ports wrapping around 3 sides of the spindle. That allows for better directional pick up, unlike the Kent, which works much better cutting one direction than in other directions.

      On top of that, Keith is great to work with and will make custom boots in the event that he doesn't have one to fit a specific configuration.
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        Kent for me, too.
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          Making your own is surprisingly easy. You don't even need to make it out of acrylic or plastic. I made mine from hard Maple. I even turned the post on the rotary and attached it from the inside with a screw and washer so it's replaceable. For the brush, I just used the one from the old broken dustboot but McMaster-Carr has a bunch of them with different bristle lengths. I think this is a much better alternative than paying the $$ for an expensive dust boot that is just made on the CNC anyway.. If you do a search you can find quite a few examples here on the website. Here are pics of mine. I'd be happy to share the the files if anyone wants them.
          Dust boot bottom.png Dust boot top.png
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