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  • More PVC work

    I keep going back and messing with PVC. I've found that running a V-Carve twice, cleans it up to almost perfect, with little clean up after using a nylon brush.
    Someone else noticed my address sign, and asked about it while I was mowing. They loved the Beagle and wanted this. It's 16" diameter. It still needs paint, but it's waiting on the customer to deliver the paint in the colors they choose.

    And then someone at my real job, asked if I could do this Harley design. A little bartering, and I made the attempt. It's 5" tall.

    Thanks for looking, and comments are encouraged.
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    Looks like you got the hang of it. I like cutting/carving PVC also as it cuts very nice and paints well.
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      What kind of PVC are you using? The stuff I've tried to cut has extrusion holes on the inside. It cut great but the inside was absolute trash
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        I've been using Kleer Lumber for historical house signs for a few towns here in New Hampshire for years with great results...I put Oramask 813 on it and carve away, paint and remove mask. Haven't purchased material in a while - typically by a 5/4"x12"x20 piece - last time I purchased a board it was $115, got a price last Friday of $194!!!
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