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Neighborhood Street Signs

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  • james mcgrew
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  • gtgmarine
    started a topic Neighborhood Street Signs

    Neighborhood Street Signs

    Our neighborhood of 30 homes has 2 main streets and 3 road sign posts that were rotting and just basically falling apart.
    Since I have a CNC machine I figured I could fabricate the 6 new street signs for this project. How hard could it be? It's just a couple of street signs!
    Well, like they always say, "No good deed goes unpunished"!
    I've spent about 40 hrs total on the CAD/CAM design, material cutting, sign post cutting, priming, and painting.
    I opted to use 1.5" 20# HDU. I've never worked with this stuff but it's really nice. Unfortunately it's pricey as heck too but the HOA was writing the checks for materials, etc.
    Instead of going back with 6" x 6" 15' cedar posts or trying to deal with PT lumber I opted for 6" x 6" square aluminum posts.
    They were basically the same price as the cedar but the prep, priming, and paint for the posts was a little involved.
    I've included a shot below of the signs and other stuff.

    This was the first time I've made a sign or anything from HDU so I was not sure about how to mount them.
    What I did was to make a trim piece for each sign to spread the load at the base. Then I drilled a 3/8" hole 14" deep right through the middle of the sign.
    The sign is 1" thick in the middle so made a jig to drill perpendicular to the base of each sign and then used gorilla glue on a 22" piece of threaded 3/8" rod.
    I figured it would add some support and also made for a hidden attachment method. I'll drill holes in the 6"x6" square tube for the rod.
    After painting everything I plan to use some 3M 4200 on the bases and then snug it all together.
    I guess I should have asked the sign makers here if this would work BEFORE I went this route but hopefully it will work.

    Any comments are appreciated - especially comments related to painting HDU. I'm planning to use a good exterior acrylic paint based on YouTube research to date.


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