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  • Inspiration for a birthday project

    I’m brainstorming, and perhaps you all have some ideas.
    Coming up on a birthday and I was thinking about making something commemorative which will include my friends. My mom quilts and she’s made “handprint quilts” before, where she gets everyone to draw their hands on paper and she transfers to fabric and sews them all together. That’s a little too cutesie for me.

    Thought alternatively that people could write a word that they think describes me on a piece of paper. I’d then convert all of the entries and organize in a V-carve file which I could then carve into a cutting board. Their handwriting and their word.
    Or I could give them a selection of small designs, they pick, and I later organize into a quilt-like panel.

    Has anyone done something like this? Do you have any other suggestions?
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