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Fiber laser + CNC

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  • Fiber laser + CNC

    Have had a fiber laser for a while now, no need to post about it here until now.
    I just stumbled on making these things, they are AI generated images and I work them with various software, then lase them on some white plexiglas that has been spray painted white. Great detail and pop, most guys when they think of fiber lasers think of metal etching, guns,knives, machine tags all kinds of metal, and that is what they are primarily used for. But they do great on this stuff too, and so so so much quicker than if they were done on a diode laser or CO2, one of these may average me half an hour and thats with 2 passes, a diode would take at least 5 hours for a pass, probably more. They are painfully slow.

    So I machined some bases for them on the CNC, this base is white corian spray painted black with a snakeskin honeycomb pattern burned into it, looks pretty cool. Of course they can do all sorts of pics like pets, loved ones ect on a variety of materials - One thing fiber lasers are not good at is burning wood, and thats where diodes, slow as they are, excel ... But I managed to do some wood burns, enough to burn my name on the back of a project, and I cut out a bunch of wood guitar picks in some thin wood.

    IMG_0303.jpg IMG_0301.jpg IMG_0300.jpg IMG_0304.jpg

    Stinger 1