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New Guy - Clueless - Registration Mark Issues

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  • New Guy - Clueless - Registration Mark Issues

    Per James, I'm crossposting this down here:

    New guy here. Our shop recently purchased a Camaster Stinger III (all details in signature per sticky). We've trained ourselves enough to cut material without registration marks and have been attempting to move on to cutting a path with registration marks using the cutvision software. However, once I've manually defined the first registration mark via camera, the machine is stopping short of finding the second, defaulting me to manually finding it (and the third). Even once I've manually found/defined all 3 dots, and click apply offsets, I'm getting the following messages: "3rd Point Outside of Safe Threshold" and "3rd VRM out of Tolerance". I'm 150% certain this is a user error since I'm only 48 hours into teaching myself this stuff, but could use some advice if there's any as to what I'm missing.


    Noel C Rodgers
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    Hopefully someone can chime in with help. Most of us don't use CutVision so I don't know where to start on helping you out.
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      Yes, hopefully, someone has some experience with Cutvision...not something I've heard of before. If you have not already done so, you'll want to consult with the software maker, too.
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