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    If anyone would like to make one of these, I'll gladly share the .eps file , without the numbers, of course. They are not an easy sell, but make great gifts.
    Other than the .25" endmill to cut the profile, you only need a .125" tapered ballnose.
    I've made several of them, mostly for friends. They are about 11.5" x 15.5" or thereabouts. I've almost always done the checkered texture background, but if you really want to
    experiment with something new, do a flat bottom, buy some coloured glass smalts, & lay them into tinted epoxy. If someone wants to do that, I'll explain the process in another thread.
    Imitation Black smalts are just Black Beauty ( sandblasting media) & are dirt cheap, although they are not colourfast.
    BTW, HIKaychI was how our youngest thought her name was spelled when she was 4. This was her Christmas gift 2 years ago. Our twin grandsons ( 7 at the time) poured the epoxy, laid the smalts, tamped them, &
    recovered the excess the next morning. Point being .... this is a very simple process.

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    Address signs have done fairly well for me. I only do it as a hobby, but have done enough of them to have gone through 10 sheets of PVC.