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    Going to carve a 3D piece tomorrow using 1 1/2" pine (practice run). I've got a 1/4", 2-flute Whiteside end mill to use for the roughing pass. Based on published info, and starting with the Feed/ Speed formulas, I get the following for use in doing the roughing pass:

    (Feed Rate = RPM X # of flutes X chip load) 660 ipm = 15000 rpm X 2 flutes X .022 chip rate

    I know my panther has a strong spindle, but would appreciate y'all's 'Yay' or 'Nay" on the accuracy of my data above. Anything you would change for this roughing pass?
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    You probably won't achieve 660 ipm. I don't remember what the max speed is on a Panther but it could be in that ballpark. The problem with a speed that fast is you need a pretty decent straight run to achieve it and you also need outstanding product hold down. If you are cutting a full sheet of plywood then you have a chance of achieving that kind of hold down with your vac table but that is a lot of force on the wood depending on the depth you are cutting at.

    I would set my speed at 400 in Vcarve that way I could use the slider in WinCNC to increase the speed to 800 (won't get there) or drop it down to 200. As you are cutting drag the slider around and figure out what sounds and cuts best.
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      I run all deep cut at 400 after rough i have slid up to 600 for basically no load cutting
      James McGrew
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        Thanks Logan & James!
        2021 Panther ATC
        Black Box Hurricane Vac
        VCarve Pro