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Manual x and z movement

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  • Manual x and z movement

    Hi new cnc owner here. I hopefully got a simple question for you. What would I type in wincnc to move my x axis 1.8565” to the left and what would I do separately to move the z 1.6065” down.

    thanks Jason
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    Do you need the axis zeroed in a new spot or are you just trying to move manually in WinCNC for another reason.

    If you need to rezero an axis at that exact spot. I would zero XY, type X-1.8565, zero XY. That will move your machine to the left 1.8565 then rezero. You can do the same with Z. Zero, Z-1.6065, zero.

    If you are needing it to move for some other reason like when you are cutting, make sure that is done in the toolpath and not manually in WinCNC.
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      Awesome thank you


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        Or... If you simply want to move that distance, you can type in L91 X-1.8565, etc
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