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  • Historic Grave Markers

    Greetings fellow CamHeads;

    I have been tasked with replacing several wooden historic grave markers. The basic demensions are 12x48/ 8/4. My first thoughts were, No these need to be restored and not replaced. The customer has limited funds (they always have) and really wants them replaced. I intend to lobby in favor of keeping the orginals indoors in a display case. (maybe more work for me!). I need suggestions on what materials to use. 8/4 White Oak
    is available locally, but I am open sourcing a better material and having it shipped. Epoxy dowels/biscuits for the joints? V-carve the text, paint/epoxy fill text? No finish? Oil finish? As a woodworker this maybe the one project I do that hopefully last 125+ years. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can research wooden grave markers and what the old timers did?
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