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  • Hurricane Vac Wireless Mod

    Hi all -

    I just got my new Camaster Elite 510 and I added my existing BlackBox Hurricane vac. Due to the location (under the machine) I really wanted to be able to turn it on remotely. Ultimately, I would like to control it via WinCNC / Compass.

    So far, I was able to get the first part done and now I can turn on / off both sets of motors individually. Hopefully, I will be able to get the second phase completed soon.

    Let me know if there is any interest in putting together a "How To" in order to accomplish the wireless remote.

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    Definitely interested


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      Just set it up in wincnc. Let your cut file turn it on and off automatically, just like it does the spindle. All info is in the wincnc manual. If you are iffy on digging into the programming, wincnc should be able to hook you up for a small fee.
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        Ken Rychlik - Unfortunately, I am using Compass (the new Cobra Elite software). I am going to reach out to support to see what the process looks like from that side.


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          It sounds like a cool idea but I'm not sure how great it would be in practice for a hobbyist.
          I have a little Stinger 1 SR24 and I find that I need to turn on the vacuum for a minute or so before a job starts to make sure everything is sucked down tight and to place some scrap sheets to block unused areas, etc.
          I would not want the job to actually turn the vacuum on/off.
          However, I could definitely see where adding "Vac ON", "Vac OFF" button to the WinCNC UI (or Compass UI) would be handy and convenient.

          Edit: If this is a big machine cutting full sheets in a production shop then having the job control the vac on/off would be very useful.

          I did the next best thing on my setup by adding some remote on/off switches for DC and vacuum.
          You can see what I'm talking about in my post here:

          Good luck.
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            At the very least, you could probably tap into the signal that runs the spindle. Then anytime the spindle comes on, the vac hold would as well. I'm sure Yaskawa has ports and such to make this happen, but have not dealt with it. Years ago, I had a switch on a machine that it would travel past it's normal operation envelope after the cut was finished and bump the switch to turn it off. Very crude, but when you have to push that button all day, every day, it gets old for sure.
            Fixing machines and making sawdust.
            SW side of Houston