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  • Money well spent

    After surfacing my spoilboard the ripples from the bit caused by the spindle out of tram were noticeably more pronounced than before. So, I decided it was time to re-tram. I tried several different procedures from the videos on You Tube including the swing arm method with a gauge mounted on the end. Nothing seem to work that was acceptable so I decided to buy the tram gauges from Edge technology that Camaster recommended. After resurfacing, I used a 10" square of glass in the center of the spoilboard, mounted the gauges in the spindle and calibrated them following the instructions. Every thing went very smoothly and I highly recommend using the gauges. Maybe a little pricey but there is nothing like using the right tool for the job .
    Camaster Stinger 1 with Recoil (2019)
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    I also use the tram gauges from edge Tech. Works really well.
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      Ditto for me as well. I use the same method as Steve with the glass and Edge tram tool.
      Keith Hyde, Winchester, VA
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        Yeah, I trammed mine with my Pro Tram after not being happy with the ridges I could see and feel when surfacing my spoilboard. I now get ridges you can see but can't feel after surfacing with a 1.25" bit. I didn't use glass, but cut a 6" circle in a piece of plywood with a 1/2" bit.
        2018 Stinger II SR-44, 1.7kW Spindle, Performance Premium, Recoil, Gantry Lift, Cyclone
        Fusion 360