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Repeatable Jig Positioning

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  • Repeatable Jig Positioning

    A lot of the wood work I do requires jigs for repeatability; flipping pieces to machine underside, etc. I currently use a large square against the popup pins to position the jigs and then screw into the spoil board. It works but I still have to verify/slightly adjust the xyz zeros when placing a jig.

    I was thinking about mounting positioning pins in the vacuum table along with threaded inserts but apprehensive about machining the phenolic top. The other option would be put squaring references on the bottom of the jigs that position the jig using the vacuum grid in the table; the jigs then would always have to be big enough to take advantage of the vacuum.

    I wanted to see if anybody had a similar need and how you solved it. Has anybody machined the phenolic table (open purpose :-) )?

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    I see zero issues with using embedded inserts like that if you install them carefully and correctly. It's a great method for repeatable positioning including setting x0-y0 pre-sets in the controller so you just select them and commit for that job.
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      Russell Crawford has some excellent posts here on fixtures. I haven’t figured out how to search on my phone so I can’t provide an example yet.

      I’m inexperienced with the phenolic top. Looking at your picture I’d add the MDF to for use with the vacuum as a spill board. Then using hardwood plugs position locating pins as needed. I have mine in the center of my table about 12 inch spacing. Provides easy reference when doing 2 sided work.
      Charlie L
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        I have threaded brass inserts pressed into my phenolic top, this is the way I have my MDF spoilboards fastened to my machines. Use an o-flute bit to drill a hole into the phenolic slightly smaller than the insert so it presses in really tight.
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