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Drilling and sanding on a rotary indexer

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  • Drilling and sanding on a rotary indexer

    I'm new to rotary work. I want to start with something small and simple to start. A pen should be a good beginner project. The first step is to drill a hole down the center, the last step is to sand the finished cylinder.
    How can I get the indexer to turn like a standard lathe? It needs to run continously at a designated speed.

    Thanks, Phil
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    While some folks have been able to get the rotary/indexer to somewhat simulate a lathe, it's not a strong point for making "spinny things" since it's not designed to rotate that way continuously. In fact, for a rotary, a pen project may very well be harder in that respect. I kinda wish that the marketing materials didn't refer to it as a lathe at all, but it stems from "ornamental lathe" which did similar work but in a manual way with a router.
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      I’ve sanded with it. I do something like G0 A70000 and sand, and then type G0 A-70000 and sand. Rinse and repeat. The stepper motor would get burning hot. I’m sure the servo I have now will be way more performant.
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