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Hard foam (?) for tool tray inserts

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  • Hard foam (?) for tool tray inserts

    Trying to find very hard (almost solid) foam or other material for tool tray inserts. I have tried several types of foam (5S, Kaizen etc) but they are very soft (made to be to cut manually by a knife) and I don’t like them.

    i have seen inserts that come with some tools and those are made from something like either very hard foam or very light and soft plastic, but have no idea what type of material it is…
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    I know you're not asking for this so.... Try HDU... ask for a sample from Signfoam They will send you a 12x12x1-1/2" - 15lb. most likely. 18 is pretty solid.
    You could always line your insides w/ the Kaizen etc type stuff after its shaped. Wicked things can be made w/ HDU
    Have a whole bunch of ppl ask for samples for you and glue em up. Other names are Jasper, Duna and a few other names I cant recall.
    Maybe TR could chime in
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      Seems they work with businesses only, and I need just a bit for my own use…
      Anyway, at least I learned a new word (HDU) to investigate :), thank you !


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        I've used scrap HDU for this purpose. It cuts like a dream and maintains detail if you want to do really snazzy drawer inserts. Unfortunately, I ran out of scraps I got from a sign shop a few years ago and had to resort to the pink foam board from the 'borg for my most recent drawer inserts. Many decent sheet goods suppliers carry one brand or another of HDU (sign board) and many will also sell to non professionals/businesses. I buy from Industrial Plywood out of Reading PA and they don't limit sales to businesses...they like money. Heck they will delivery for free for a minimum order amount other than a fuel surcharge that's small. It's not hard to spend $300... ;)
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          CNC 808 ..... where are you located? I suspect any of the HDU manufacturers will send you a sample to try. . If what you're making will be subject to
          any "rough" handling, you should go for 18lb or 20lb density. DUNA USA , Bayview TX, Precision Board is Coastal Enterprises, southern California. Not sure where SignFoam is located.
          HDU ( high density urethane) seems expensive, but it is as versatile a material as I've ever encountered.
          The beauty of HDU???? No waste. There's no grain & you can glue scraps together with Gorilla Glue. Some of these no-smoking signs I make have 6 or 7 pieces in them.(photo attached)
          Not cost effective to use up the scraps, but when there's nothing else to do, it keeps stuff out of the landfill.
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            Located on Maui, and most times it’s very complicated/expensive/sometimes impossible to get stuff here. A number of online stores even don’t list Hawaii as an option during checkout…
            Already found a sign company here - they sell HDU etc, but at the moment will stay with more traditional foam, have it anyway. After some experimenting figured out acceptable settings, so next trays should look better. The first attempts:
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              Those look pretty good, I'd say.

              CAMaster MC4836 named Jemima
              Aspire 3.5