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High Density Urethane - North GA

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  • High Density Urethane - North GA

    Hey all, wondering if anyone has a connection to a place I could pickup some High Density Urethane sheets for a sign project? OTP North is the desire. Also what does a typical 4x8 1" thick cost?

    It would be a bonus if the same company sold sheet good PVC in a variety of colours.
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    North of Atlanta check Reece Supply Company, they're listed as a distributor of sign foam by SF4 Signfoam.
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      You will need to know the density of the sheet as the cost is bases on that.


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        What density would you guys recommend as I am planning on carving 3D into it for a vertical exterior sign board then painting it.
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          If you are using 1" and carving into it, I'd go 20# weight minimum. Probably around $300 a sheet.
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            What Russell said .....
            Most signmakers use 15lb density, but 20 lb holds small detail better & is much less susceptible to damage from hail. There's a lot of bad information floating around about HDU.
            1 - It's expensive. Well, that depends upon what you're comparing it to. If you count in your labour, it's much less expensive than clear-heart vertical grain cedar or redwood, which, for sign purposes, it is meant to replace.
            2 - You don't need to use primer. Technically, true..... but you may not be pleased with the quality of the finish if you skip priming. Plus, your paint will stand up better over a primed surface.
            3 - It doesn't warp. As Colonel Potter would say .... "horsefeathers". If you don't allow for thermal expansion & contraction, it will certainly move.

            One word of caution.... if using acrylic primers & paints, you need to at least double your allotted drying times, compared to wood. Paints dry in wood , partially by soaking in & partially by evaporation of the water. HDU is cellular, & the finish can't penetrate below the first layer of cells, so it's all on "evaporation". If it's humid, as it is here in summer, I try to leave 48 hours between coats .

            As for brand preferences ........ my choice is Duna Corafoam U-200 ( 20lb) . Precision Board 20lb density is not bad, but if you're fussy, you'll need an extra coat of primer. I've not used Signfoam in close to 20 years, so can't comment on it. I've never used Design Board.
            For the record, I've probably made over 500 signs from HDU, most from Corafoam or Everwood.
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              Thanks guys, this helps a bunch. I am looking at doing a tree with roots carved into it then our community name. I had this idea of having some of the leaves metallic flake type paint where it would reflect some, whereas others wouldn't. Probably a few different colours of green for the leaves.

              Anyone have suggestions for a paint that could do the reflective green? More like a forest green.
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