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Is there a good aftermarket collet upgrade for Milwaukee routers?

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  • Is there a good aftermarket collet upgrade for Milwaukee routers?

    I'm not a fan of the collets that come with Milwaukee routers. I'd like to upgrade them to something better but I'm having a tough time finding anything besides Think & Tinker and musclechuck. Think & Tinker has a ER style collet but only comes in 1/8. I put a musclechuck on my last stinger that I really liked. The issue with MC, besides being over $200, is that I have the X3 on my current CNC and I'm worried about reducing the Z height on the routers. I've come close to hitting my hold downs when using certain combinations of bits. Adding to that problem is something I'd like to avoid.

    Have any of you CAMaster legends gone down this road or have any insight?
    Rex White
    Stinger II X3
    Aspire v11
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    Talk with Ron at Precise Bits/Tinker and Tinker. They may be able to help you.
    Jim Becker

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