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Looking for a 4" or longer length of cut??

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  • Looking for a 4" or longer length of cut??

    Curious if anyone has any suggestions. We often work with 4" and 4.5" thick hardwoods in the production of very thick (and heavy) mortised benches. I have been cheating using 3/4" shank end mill bits that I'm buying off Ebay for cheap. Problem is, they have a tendency to dull quickly and aren't really appropriate for plunge cuts. I've got a bunch of 1/2" shank double flute bits that can do up to 2.5" LOC.

    I really am trying to located a 3/4" shank double flute bit that can do up to a 5" LOC. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I do DEEP carves and slicing work at 3-4 inches, Best options i have found are .75 Hogger bits serated flutes, i will look tomorrow as i bought a good many several years agao and have not needed to buy any since.

    Also I have had to go to machining bits sites sometimes to find dee0 (long) .25 and .5 ballnose cutters
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      I would try Joey at US Router Bits since he is very knowledgeable and gives a discount to Camaster owners. I have had good luck at for odd sized and use types of bits. FWIW
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        I believe that Vortex may have some long tooling, too.
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          Build a Custom Tool w/ Harvey