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The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat

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  • The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat

    I file this under the category of "Why didn't I think of this 10 years ago ?"

    Have always had the problem of chips ejecting through the hole of the dust shoe, no matter how good your vac/suction is the chips will find a way to sling themselves all over the place through that hole.
    Figured oh well, not much to be done about that, at least I am getting the bulk of it in the vac, then it suddenly struck my mind to install a shield that covers the 2" or so between the top of the shoe and the bottom of the router base plate.

    USed some semi rigid type plastic that I had a roll of, wasn't sure if staples would work to secure it but the sunk like a charm, had to take the router out as far as I could, further than its ever been before, then lower it so I could staple the far side.
    Didn't need to literally go all the way around the show of course, I stopped where the vac hole is, no chips getting out around there anyhow.

    Cuts the material into a few 1" strips to make it flexible for the boot to fit around and worked like a charm, barely a chip escapes now.

    Had a nasty incident that I can't figure out how it happened. Was doing a roughing pass and it looks that at a certain point there was some slippage of the bit, dug down into the purpleheart and at some point it broke off within the collet. I was in the house eating at the time so didn't see or hear it, when I came out to check, I knew something was amiss when I saw it was still going through passes but making no cutting noises.
    Nothing like this has ever happened after 1,000's of cuts, why now ? I think the new plastic chip shield was to blame [well of course, I am technically to blame] The new shield made it awkward to get in the top wrench, so when I tightened the bit the top wrench seemed to have a good bite but it was angled down a bit.
    What I could have and should have done was just force thw wrench level as usual, plastic has some give of course but also has somewhat of a memory, I didn't want to crinkle my new shield, so I half assed the tightening and this is the result, a ruined 16x11" chunk of prime purpleheart.

    Anyways I think thats how it happened, I recall being satisfied it was tight enough, but also recall having an awkward feeling tightening that nut with the top wrench at an angle.

    Oh well live and learn, my nice collet looks damaged as well from the incident, so have to order up another one [I think I have a spare or 3 but they have some miles on them]
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