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  • Safely changing bits

    I'm new to the CNC world and find myself more than a little concerned with the process of changing bits in my Spindle. I have many years of experience with general power tool woodworking and would never dream of changing a router bit with power cord still plugged into the wall, and yet it appears the process of changing a bit in my Stinger I Spindle is to do just that. Have I missed something along the way?
    Mike T.
    Aurora, Ohio
    CAMaster Stinger I SR24
    - Indexing Lathe
    - 1.7KW HSD Spindle
    - FTC
    - WinCNC
    - Aspire 8
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    I had the same concern when I first set up my Stinger. For me, it wasn't practical to pull the plug so I got into the habit of turning the VFD to zero each time. I have to admit, I don't even do that anymore.
    Bruce Page
    Retired Hobbyist
    2013 Stinger 1 SR23
    Laser Pointer
    HSD 1.7kw Spindle
    KRS USB Keypad
    Mick Martin Table
    Aspire 10.512, WinCNC


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      I do not do anything special. I use the FTC and change bits between toolpaths without any issues. Just make sure the spindle has indeed stopped spinning before touching or wrenching it. Never had a problem in 3 years of Stinger 1 use.
      Stinger 1 (2014)
      1.7Kw spindle / Recoil Lathe
      Performance Package (FTC / On-Off via G-code / Laser Cross Hair)
      Aspire 8 / WinCNC / Hexagon
      Epilog 45watt Laser


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        We have had no known reports of any accidents from changing bits on the forum or any forum I have belonged to since 1995.

        Now we have had a few drop a cone and bit onto a cold concrete floor and hit a foot or two !

        if you want to feel extra safe close wincnc when changing if not using an ftc.
        James McGrew
        CAMaster ATC 508
        The principle of Measure twice cut once has not been replaced by a CNC

        Camera 1 ATC Closeup !

        fixed 4-27-2020


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          Finger Vs Router

          My mistake, bits can hurt you but rarely maim. Keep your hands away when spinning, should be good to go. Will not power up unless it is commanded to.

          Worse drill incident I witnessed was a guy driving a 3" screw through a 2x4 with an impact drill, ended up with about 1" of screw in his palm. Not a novice either, journeyman union carpenter.
          All accidents like this can and should be avoided, never be complacent or distracted while operating a spinning tool, use due caution and think things through.

          Stinger 1