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    I wouldn't deter anyone from doing whatever they wanted but as far as recommendations, I wouldn't recommend anyone cobble together an improvised burner.
    Glad you are playing it as safe as possible Jerry but as you say, one error, one bout of forgetfulness and it could be all over in a blink of an eye.

    The one common thread in these fractal burning deaths is they all were using improvised microwave devices which put out crazy, sloppy amounts of power. Not to say it is risk free, it isn't, but the one I use is professionally constructed, is far less powerful, and has 2 very important safety features built in that most improvised systems don't"
    *Spring loaded Foot kill switch
    * Professional insulated electrodes/leads
    [I don't handle the leads either while machine is live, I use plastic clamps to hold them in position then depress the foot switch]

    Here it is if anyone is interested, far better and safer than cobbling together your own system, even if you are highly skilled with voltage

    Downside is, as stated, microwave units are far more powerful and aggressive therefore produce much faster, deeper channels. They can do more in minutes than I can do in half an hour, but thats Ok with me.
    FAQ section

    I shall post this FAQ here "Why is the Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burner safer than the homemade units?"

    Safety is the primary consideration in the construction of the Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burner. The momentary foot switch is hardwired into the power supply which is housed in an ABS plastic box that has an extremely high insulation factor. The output leads are GTO 15 cable manufactured specifically for high voltage. The probes are designed with an extremely high safety factor built into them so they can safely be held while using the burner. The probes are constructed from class 2 phenolic material that has a very high dielectric insulational factor. The tips are 3/16" brass machined to allow the leads to be securely attached. The hilts are laser cut to fit the phenolic very tightly and have a very high dialectic insulation rating. The hilts ensure the user cannot accidentally slip down the probe and get close to the tip. The Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burner limits the output current to less than 30 milliamps and produces a very controlled burn pattern without flames. There are several factors associated with the dangers of homemade burners. The most significant being the extremely high current from used microwave transformers and inadequately designed systems using materials not designed for the extreme voltage and current. Every accident and death involved devices made with used transformers never designed for this application, inadequately insulated wiring, and open wire connections.

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      Epoxy filled slab I made, burning took probably about half an hour. Something like this really has no purpose other than sit there and look pretty, this one I gave as a graduation gift to a special needs girl, daughter of a friend of mine, she was mesmerized and blown away by it


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        A couple of years ago I did a small burn in a scrap piece of 3/4 birch plywood and then transferred a picture of a storm rolling over a long empty highway.
        The burn looked like lightning and since it was burned into the would it gave the piece some added dimension.
        Looked pretty cool.
        Jerry Dean
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          I'll never do fractal burning but I wonder if someone could create a random toolpath generator that can mimic the lines. It could be used in conjunction with a V bit to create the appearance of fractal burning without the risk of lethal voltage and current levels. It's probably a small market but is a lot safer.

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