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    Have you ever made a holiday greeting card on On their website, they have a tool so that you can drag and drop photos, input text, etc in a very user-friendly way to make a holiday photo greeting card. I was doing that the other day and I thought it would be cool to have something like that for custom signs on a cnc side gig website I'm working on. It would be even more constrained though. Just for carved signs in wood. Very limited number of fonts, only walnut or maple, v-carve or straight, only offering black paint to make lettering / vectors stand out, etc. Maybe even some clipart available. I want to be able to offer this type of signage, but I don't want to have to do endless back and forth with a customer to get a file ready to go (I need a vector. What's a vector? etc)
    Many thanks for any thoughts on how to accomplish this, or something like it.

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    Not an easy task without custom coding for the website. Need really good PHP programming skills, HTML, and need to consider Internet security in all of this. I used to have a small 45watt laser and did engravings on small granite plaques. As I'm a application developer by trade (retired), I was able to code the site myself at the time (it no longer exists) and basically I set up pick lists of the features I was willing to accept. Here's an example of a similar site for brass plaques...Brass Plates Laser Engraved (Custom Size) ( And even with all of this, I still had lots of back and forth over the image, its editing, and the placement of the image and text. Not that easy.
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      I would think that most folks have an idea for their sign but rely on the sign maker to design but I am pragmatic and either send an email or call for birthdays etc. I have not celebrated my birthday since I turned 21 which was more about drinking legally than my age. ????
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        Hi, mate. Personally, I’ve used it a few times to make a present for my daughter’s bday. Looks nice, but, actually, I’d like the image to be better printed. Anyway, it’s all personal. Btw, have you tried these frames I want to print a bug family photo to hang in the living room, so I need a big frame. I’ve read some reviews, and people say the frames here are really nice. So, I think I’ll buy one. I remember my grandpa made a frame by himself. I still have a picture put in this frame in my room. I still miss him, and this frame reminds me of him every time I see it. Anyway, keep us updated.
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