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  • "Value added" work

    It's likely a pretty safe assumption that anyone reading this either owns a CAMaster or wants one. It's also a safe assumption that most ( not necessarily all) would like to get a bit of revenue out of their investment.
    It's really difficult to make a few bucks if you only have one tool, or only one product. Although it's possible to make a living just cutting stuff for others, sooner or later your customer is going to think "I can save a ton of $$$ If I buy my own CNC,
    On all forums I frequent ( which are in declining numbers as I age) I see people struggling to do any sort of finishing ....... "value added" work.
    The thought that "people won't pay for that" is untrue. There's ALWAYS someone who values quality over low price. Not everyone drives a Chevy Spark, & not everyone shops at WalMart ....
    Here's an example.
    I've taken a sign that had some damage I can't easily repair, & chopped it into samples.
    The first letter is 23karat gold. The 2nd letter is Modern Master Iridescent Gold paint. The third letter is just an semi-gloss acrylic paint mixed to the same hue.
    Guess which one I sell the most of ? If you said "the real thing", you'd be correct.
    It doesn't have to be signs. You know that 3D Clipart of the "praying hands"? There's a good example of what can be gilded. You can make serious $$$ gilding.
    So ... a pack of gold ( 500 leaves)is now over $1000. You don't need to purchase a pack, but even if you pay $3/leaf by purchasing a book of leaf, something that takes 10 leaves can add $100 or more to the value of your piece.
    Learning curve?.... of course. Level of difficulty .... unless you're reverse gilding on glass, it's pretty easy.
    There are plenty of "how to" videos on line that will get you started off on the right foot.

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    That's an excellent idea, TR.
    Jim Becker

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