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    Well CAMheads, I've decided that it's time to further cut back on my workload. I'm not ready to retire just yet, mostly because I don't care to die of boredom. Besides, all the former Truck Stops & Cafes where we all gathered for breakfast on the weekend are long gone, so there's no place for miles where one can have a coffee & shoot the shit with other geezers. . I've lived here my whole life, & Mountain Grove, once a thriving wee hamlet, has morphed mostly into a collection of shacks housing riff-raff.
    So .... I'm not hangin' up the brushes nor the chisels, but I'm going to be more selective. Frankly, I'm mostly just fed up with customers who can't make up their effin minds.
    Last summer, a referral got me a replacement sign for a Catholic Church about 25 miles from here. First they wanted "dimensional", then , to save $$$ they decided on a digital print ( same design) but on ACM. No
    problem .... except the old gal in charge of the project, handed it over to another woman ( whom I've known for years) , & then proceeded to over-rule every decision she made, but not until after I'd made the
    requested changes. I don't need that frustration. Woman #1 had me so angry I invented several new swear words. So, that was the start of all this.
    Another customer had me "tweak" a design 13 times. Yes...13. Final consensus ???? the very first version I showed them
    I'm doing a lot of restorations on signs I made decades ago. I love it. I also do dimensional work for other signshops .... I love that too. I don't have to deal with the customer.
    My web-page was taken down a few hours ago, at my request. I still have a Facebook business page, & may add Instagram soon.
    I'm still hoping to work until at least April 2026 ( that'll be 30 years) , but I'll only be able to do that if customers quit pissing me off. I'm tired of being frustrated & angry.
    If you hear tell of a worldwide shortage of single malt, you'll figure it out . LOL

    CAMaster MC4836 named Jemima
    Aspire 3.5
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    Makes sense for you to ease back at this point and enjoy life a little more, TR. I have zero regrets about years ago...and Professor Dr. SWMBO retired this past summer, although for her it was for medical reasons as otherwise she would have preferred to keep teaching for a couple more years. Being selective in what work you do take is a healthy choice for sure! It sounds like the restorations and subcontract work is a good way to accomplish that for the reasons you stated. So enjoy and if you are inclined to head south at any point, feel free to visit. The food will be good for sure.
    Jim Becker

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    Retired from full time work in the telecom industry 9/2017
    Occasional commission work for others, but mostly for trunks/signage/guitars
    Located Bucks County PA


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      Sounds familiar. We have "government" customers that seem to think we enjoy quoting. 2 years ago, 1 agency requested similar quotes 5 times in one year without purchasing anything. We now give the first quote for No Charge, but re-quotes or modifications cost either $50 or $75. This has weeded out the "just looking" agencies. Maybe not possible with consumers but maybe a smaller "tweak" fee after 2 revisions might make people pay more attention on the front end of a job. Just a thought.
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