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Spoilboard issues

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  • Spoilboard issues

    Looking for suggestions on using Mick Martins spoilboard program. Everything seems good until I hit enter and the machine starts, goes to the upper corner but then is about .21 above the spoil board at every try. Any suggestions what I am doing wrong? Thanks Ray
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    When you manually type in a z0 command does the tool stop .21 above surface too?

    Do you have a green box next to the z window?
    Charlie L
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      No green box, is blue. When I start bit is on the surface of the spoilboard, then hit enter, raises then goes to upper corner and then bit hovers .21 or .25 over the spoil board.


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        Doesn't it say it's hitting a Z-limit? If so, jog the bit to the spoilboard, type g49 and then run the tap file. G49 WILL REMOVE AND LIMIT CHECKS. So make sure you're not trying to go too deep...
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